Terms of Use

Terms of use and membership details

1. Use of the Community shift Website

1.a) Use of the Community Shift website indicates your acceptance of these Terms of use our Privacy Policy and all subsequent documentation. If you do not agree to any of these please Disconnect immediately.


1.b) All rights, titles, and interests in and to this website are owned by Community Shift. The website is protected by copyright law. All trademarks, service marks and trade names are proprietary of Community Shift. In particular, the Community Shift Logo and the "working together today for a Brighter tomorrow" catchment. None of the items mentioned herein may be used without the express written consent of Community Shift.

1.c) All rights not expressly licensed hereunder are reserved by Community Shift, The above policies may be superseded by requirements or obligations imposed by regulation or legal process. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our usage agreement, please email us at communityshift@communitshift.org

2. Membership terms

2.a) By signing up as a member it is understood you accept the terms and conditions laid out in this document and any other document laid out by Community Shift along with subsequent changes to those documents.

2.b) You acknowledge that this is an organisation built to empower individuals and therefore some of our tactics may be unorthodox. Community Shift is a peaceful organisation but believe there are many ways we can use our numbers and reach to advocate change

2.c) Although all members will be consulted before any Community Shift event requiring their participationn, we strongly urge our members to participate, by attending events, signing petitions or making a stand in your neighbourhood. We are all one unit and therefore must act as such.

2.d) Community Shift is a predominantly Black organisation and has every intention of remaining that way, the majority of our focus is on black events and building relationships within the black community. We would like to stress that everyone is welcome and everyone has equal rights to share their views and opinions on our platform no matter race or religion.

2.e) All members are encouraged to promote their communities and events within those communities along with suggest ideas for Forums and actions we can take TOGETHER to further benefit our individual communities and neighbourhoods.

3. Cancelling Membership

3.a) Members may cancel at anytime, by sending a request to communityshift@communityshift.org Users may not delete their own account. Once a cancelation request is received the account will be locked and inaccessible.

3.b) Logging into a locked account will require members to contact community shift (communityshift@communityshift.org) with the account name and email. All requests for a change in account settings must come from the original email address used to sign up on the Community Shift website.

3.c) Users may cancel subscriptions at anytime on their profile page

3.d) Locked accounts will be deleted after 24 months if no request is made to establish login